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Join us for 9th China International Hosiery Purchasing Expo CHPE, 12th Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition (CTFE), 3rd Shanghai International Sweater, Cashmere Products, International Fashion Production Expo (CISE), on March 4-6, 2014 in China.

Meet the leading buyers and manufacturers from around the world. “Together we can make a difference”

9th China (Shanghai) International Hosiery Purchasing Expo,
C.H.P.E – China International Hosiery Purchasing Expo – The only international trade show for hosiery industry worldwide. C.H.P.E is keeping the International, Brand and Specialization all along through 8 years brand built. The trade fair obtains recognition and support from hosiery industry and became a famous exhibition in the world. C.H.P.E is the perfect trade event to establish long- term relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, retailers, wholesalers and importers of worldwide that will help your businesses become more successful. The coming 7th CHPE trade fair from March 4-6, 2013 will be held at the famous exhibition hall of China – Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion

Sponsors: China Tongyuan I/E Group/ Shanghai Underwear Trade Association
Cooperators: Taiwan Hosiery Manufactures’ Association/ Haining Hosiery Association/ Yiwu Hosiery Association/ Zhuji Hosiery Association / RY International
Sponsorship: The Hosiery Association /Japan Nara Textile Industry Associated Federation /Pakistan Hosiery Manufactures’ Association / I love Italia fashion / T.D.F. s.r.l./ Associazione Distretto Calza e Intimo/ Fashion Mag

Products: All type of Socks, Stockings, Lingerie, Raw Material, Machinery, Accessories, Yarns
All type of Socks: Men, Women, Baby, Children, Baby, Sports, Performance, Casual, Work, Outdoor, Dress, Toe, Terry socks, Athletics socks, Ankle socks, Silk socks, Cotton socks, Health care, Nanometer, Golf, Bamboo fiber socks, Soybean socks, Ramie socks, Carbon socks.
Stockings: Pantyhose, Knee High’s, Detailing, tights, Jacquard, Lace, Garter Belt, Fishnet stocking, Spats three-quarter trousers, Ankle Length Trousers, Seamless/ Lingerie, Lingerie, Stockings.
Hosiery Machine: High-speed socks machine, double needle machine, stocking setting machine, toe closing, embroider machine, stocking turning machine, hosiery seamier, ring doublers, dying machine, drying machine and support facilities.
All type of Socks Material: Spandex, Terylene, Cotton Yarn, Nylon/polyamide, T/C, P/C, Spandex polyester, Socks yarn, Natural Fibers and more

Reasons to Attend:
◆CHPE is the biggest established hosiery purchasing Trade Show in the world with 3 past editions
◆The best way of communication with more than 300 hosiery manufacturer from worldwide.
◆Business purchasing trip bring you to visit 3 major socks city: Zhuji, Yiwu, Haining
◆CHPE opens the doors to new business contacts.
◆Market study of competitors
◆Interactive conferences and brainstorm in a cozy and convivial area
◆Fashion trend for hosiery
◆Create an image…it is for your Company’s marketing
◆Meeting with the companies which are coming from China, Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Portugal, Taiwan and worldwide.

13th China(Shanghai)Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition-Dec, 17th to 19th, 2013, 180-150.jpg
Website for details:

Products: Fabrics, Textiles, Home Textile, Auxiliary materials, Yarns, Textile Raw Materials, Design and Production Systems & more..
Fabrics: Bast fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, shuttle-woven chemical fabrics, wool fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated fabrics, compounded fabrics, antistatic fabrics, oil-proof fabrics, waterproof fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, ray-proof fabrics, mercerized fabrics, reflective fabrics, and elastic fabrics, etc.
Yarns: Tabular and flat knitted yarns, shuttle-woven yarns, hosiery yarns, apparel yarns, decorative cloth yarns, imitation fur yarns, fancy knitted yarns
Textiles & home textiles: a variety of bedclothes, the kitchen with the textile, the curtain skill and are connected the lining, and accessories
Auxiliary materials: Embroidery, laces, linings, buttons, threads and tapes, trade marks, clothes hangers, zippers and accessories.
Textile raw materials: Natural fibers, synthetic fibers, plant fibers, and assistants
Design and production systems: Computer aided design and production systems, textile/clothes color cards, samples, CDs, professional publications, etc.

Shanghai International Sweater Expo, Cashmere Products, International Fashion Production, March 4-6, 2014,

Products: Sweater, Gloves, Raw Material, Yarns, Equipment, Men and Women Woolen sweater, Cashmere sweaters, Lamb Wool sweater, shelted wool sweater, rabbit hair sweater, yak hair sweater, mohair sweaters, alpaca sweater, chemical fiber class sweater, animal wool and chemical fiber blended woolen sweaters, scarves/gloves/hat, Pure wool Supplier, Rabbit wool and cashmere manufacturer, mohair, acrylic, rabbit fiber, blended yarn, Tencel and more

Organizer: China Tongyuan I/E Group
Zhejiang woolen sweater association
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co.,Ltd.
Co-sponsors: Shanghai underwear industry association


1. Fill out the application form by mail or fax.
2. Transfer the booth fee in 5 working days [50% (deposit) or the full amount] to the Organizer, the balance on January 4, 2013 payment;
3. The allocation of booths principle: “first-come, first pay, first arrangement”;
4 Visa processing will take at least 2 months…
5. Exhibitor after payment of all costs, the bank transfer by fax to the organizational unit;
6. After organizer receive the money from participants, we will send Exhibition Catalog to exhibitors.

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