Comfort Socks

Hosiery Mill – Manufacturer and supplier of quality socks for entire family.

Anti-Bacterial Socks

This durable finish is added to socks to control the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It usually will not wash out for the life of sock.

Support Socks

Supports socks are made of nylon & polyester with nylon & elastic fiber added to give support to the leg & foot to reduce fatigue.

Terry or Cushioned Socks

Terry fabric is used in socks for increase cushioning. It is used mostly in foot of the sock and can be full or half terry around the sock.

Thermal Socks

Thermal socks can be made of heavy acrylic, wool, polypropylene or a blend of fibers. They are winter weight socks favored by skiers, skaters or others that spend a great deal of time outdoors in cold weather.

Wicking Sock

Wicking is the capacity of a fiber or yarn to transport moisture away from the foot for evaporation.

Target Market

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