Fiber Content & Blends

Hosiery Mill – Manufacturer and supplier of fine quality socks.

Our socks made from the finest quality cotton, natural fibers and man made fibers.

Socks are available in different type of fiber content & blends depending upon customer requirements: Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Yarn, Carded, Open end Yarns, Regenerated (RG) Yarn, Poly Cotton, Melange Yarns, Dyed Yarn, Coolmax, Wool, Merino Wool, Elastomeric Yarns, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Lycra, Spandex, Sulcool, Sorbtek, Elastic, Melange Yarn, Twisted Yarn, Polypropelene, Modal, EVAP, Tencel, Tactel, Meryl, CVC 60/40, PV 80/20 Mercerized Yarn, and more

Fiber content and knitting construction are very important factors to enhance comfort and performance of all type of socks: Sports, Athletic, Comfort, Casual, Performance, Outdoor, Work, Health, Medical, Dress, Walking, Running, Skiing, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Hiking, Cycling and more

Natural Fibers

Cotton is a comfortable with a soft hand. It absorbs moisture from the foot, has good color retention & stretch.

Mercerized Cotton
Mercerized cotton is cotton that is treated to give higher luster and a softer hand. It also will dye darker, richer colors than regular cotton.

Silk fibers are obtained from the cocoons of various types of silkworms. They are soft, light weight and add luster, but can be expensive.

Wool is the soft, curly hair of sheep that is spun into yarn. Wool is warm, sturdy & durable. It has a crisp, resilient hand and excellent insulating properties, even when wet.

Manufactured Fibers

Acrylic fibers are man-made and are generally warm & light weight. They are used in casual, dress and athletic socks. Acrylic keeps its shape well. Its other properties include resilience, softness, easy care, minimal shrinkage, rich coloration and the ability to wick sweat away from the foot

Polyester is a man-made fiber that is abrasion resistant has excellent wash-ability, and is fast dyeing. It is really heat-settable & dye-able. Polyester is used in mens, womens & boys sports & dress socks.

Nylon is the first & oldest of the true synthetics. This fiber is famous for its strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, soft hand, elasticity and easy washing characteristics.

Spandex (Elastane)
Spandex is a generic term denoting a man-made elastomeric fiber used in place of a rubber. It can stretch to more than five times its relaxed strength and recovered. It provides better size ranges, improved fit and better comfort.

Socks Manufacturing -Fiber Contents & Blends

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We are supplying socks to USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, India, & more