Socks Length

RY International is the Manufacturer and Supplier of fine quality Socks in all lengths

Over the Calf / Knee high / Trouser Socks

These socks provide coverage to the top of the calf below the knee and wear well with all type of shoes. Knee-highs are fashion socks available in variety of textures and patterns, usually worn in a colder weather with skirts & shorts. Trouser socks are thinner & usually worn with dress pants or trouser.

Crew / Work / Boot Socks

These sock provide coverage up-to mid calf and may be worn straight-up, cuffed or scrunched. They are available in different sizes “ribs” or textures and may be modified as a work sock or boot socks by adding extra reinforcement and cushioning for extra protection in heavy-duty shoes.

Cuff Sock

These socks provide coverage between the ankle and calf and may come in a single cuff, turned over three times or turned over to show terry loop construction. They can be worn year-around especially with shorts & dresses, and wear well with all type of shoes except ladies dress.

Ankle Crew / Quarter Socks

These sock cover the foot up to the ankle and wear best with athletic & casual shoes.

Footie / Low Cuff / Lo Cut Socks

These socks cover the foot, stopping below the ankle. They are popular in hot weather and are sometimes embellished with stripes or logo. They wear best with athletic & casual shoes.

“No Show” Sock

These are covered by a shoe for a “no socks” look. They are popular in hot weather.

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