Socks Styles

Manufacturer and Supplier of Finest Quality Socks.

Casual Sock

RY International has developed, produced and supplying fine quality casual socks in special yarns, melanges and extra soft feeling to its customer worldwide. Casual Socks describes all womens socks & mostly mens socks with exception of dress & athletic socks.

Sports, Athletic, Performance & Outdoor Socks

RY International is leading manufacturer and supplier of sports, athletics, performance and outdoor socks. These socks are specially designed for sports & athletics activities like Tennis Socks, Badminton Socks, Table Tennis Sock, Squash Socks, Football Socks, Golf Socks, Hiking Socks, Running Socks Manufacturer, Cycling Socks Hosiery, Skiers or Skiing Socks, Skater Socks, Walking Socks Supplier, Baseball, Basketball Stripe Socks and many more.  RY International offer many performance features such as cushioning, knit-in arch support, reinforced toe and heels, blister guards based on customer requirements.

The special range of socks is designed, developed to offer Enduring Comfort for a wide range of outdoor activities specially for hiking purpose.

Socks specially designed for each activity to provide maximum protection and comfort. RY International guarantee your feet will feel better at the end of your day. Import sports specific sock from RY International for the finest quality product at the competitive prices.

Slipper Socks

These are casual in-the-house or bed-time socks.

Medical Sock

Socks are designed for medical patient like diabetic etc

Turned Welt Top

These taps are turned over and knit down during the knitting operations. This creates a neat appearance in the top with no loose strings. It is used particularly in athletic socks.

Bobby Socks

Bobby socks are heavy cuffed anklets that were predominantly a girls’ fashion in the 1940’s. RY International have supplied bobby socks to its customer in USA, Canada.

Tube Sock

Tube socks have no knit in heel or toe. They are generally worn for athletics & other casual activities.

RY International is the leading socks manufacturer, supplier and Most reliable hosiery mill in Pakistan supplying all type of sock:  Sports, Athletic, Everyday Comfort, Casual, Dress, Performance, Outdoor, Work, Tennis, Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Knee High, Crew, Anklet, Quarter, Lo Cut, No Show, Real heel, False heel, Full terry, Half terry and more

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